LS3 Postcode

Leeds Skip Hire LS3, LS4 & LS5 Postcode region

Leeds Skip Hire Service Area LS3, LS4 & LS5

LS3, LS4 & LS5 cover Woodhouse, Burley, Kirkstall, and Hawksworth

The main coverage area for LS3, LS4 and LS5 are Burley and Kirkstall.  Burley is an inner city area of Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, 1 mile (1.6 km) north-west of Leeds city centre, between the A65 Kirkstall Road at the south and Headingley at the north.  Kirkstall is a north-western suburb of Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, on the eastern side of the River Aire.  The area sits in the Kirkstall ward of Leeds City Council and Leeds West parliamentary constituency, represented by Rachel Reeves. The population of the ward at the 2011 Census was 21,709.  Whilst LS5 covers Kirkstall, it also covers Hawksworth. Hawksworth is a small, early twentieth-century council estate in the Kirkstall ward in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. It is situated on a hill between West Park and Horsforth and is circled by Butcher Hill, the A65 and Vesper Road. Hawksworth lies within the LS5 Kirkstall postcode area and is commonly known as ‘The Hawk’.


Key Locations in LS3, LS4 and LS5:

  • Jump Arena Trampoline Park
  • Vue Cinemas
  • Burley Park
  • UK Visas and Immigration
  • Hollywood Bowl
  • Oxygen Free-jumping Trampoline Park
  • Headingley
  • Kirstall Lesiure Centre
  • Kirkstall Valley Nature Reserve
  • Kirkstall Abbey
  • Abbey House Museum
  • St Marys C Of E Church

Leeds Skip Hire Ethos

Although as with any commercial venture, the ultimate aim is to make profit, but we at Leeds Skip Hire believe that we can do this as a byproduct of serving the Leeds community honestly, efficiently and consistently.

Honestly because this industry is stereo-typically seen as ‘Dodgy’, some other less scrupulous skip hire operators in Leeds have given the industry a bad name by not dealing with waste in a responsible manner, Leeds Skip Hire works very closely with waste management companies, ensuring that not only us, but our partners are living up to our commitment to be legally compliant and environmentally friendly.

Efficiently because this industry has generally been a manual industry, with little automation or use of the IT services, Leeds Skip hire has invested heavily into automation and use of IT services to ensure that our processes are automated and costs are reduced to offer lowest prices possible for our skip hire products.

Consistently offering the same level of service and keeping prices at their lowest levels in the a particular region is what gives us the competitive edge.