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Leeds Skip Hire Service Area LS6

LS6 covers Beckett Park, Burley, Headingley, Hyde Park, Meanwood and Woodhouse

Beckett Park is a residential area and a large public park in Leeds, West Yorkshire.  It is in the Kirkstall ward of Leeds City Council. It borders onto Headingley, West Park and Kirkstall. It is named after Ernest Beckett, 2nd Baron Grimthorpe. Headingley is a suburb of Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, approximately two miles out of the city centre, to the North West along the A660 road. Headingley is the location of the Beckett Park campus of Leeds Beckett University and Headingley Stadium.  The vast majority of the area sits in the Headingley and Hyde Park ward of Leeds City Council and Leeds North West parliamentary constituency. Hyde Park is an inner-city area of north-west Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, situated between the University of Leeds and Headingley.  It sits in the Headingley and Hyde Park ward of Leeds City Council and Leeds Central constituency. The border between Headingley and Hyde Park is not clear: Transport Direct considered Victoria Road to be the northern limit of Hyde Park, but the Land Registry registers properties in some areas south of Victoria Road, such as Chestnut Avenue, as Headingley. Meanwood is a suburb and former village in north-east Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.  The area sits in the Moortown ward of Leeds City Council and Leeds North East parliamentary constituency.


Key Locations in LS6:

  • Beckett Park campus
  • World Famous Headingley Stadium
  • Leeds Rhinos
  • Hyde Park
  • Woodhouse Moor Skate Park
  • Free afternoon tea at Left Bank Leeds
  • Leeds Grand Mosque

Leeds Skip Hire – Carbon Footprint

We’re always trying reduce our negative impact on the planet, a sure way is to measure your impact on the environment by using Industry Carbon Footprint Calculators. We’ve accessed our business’s Carbon footprint and continue to find new innovative ways to reduce it, by both using technologies to reduce the impact of our vehicles or by using the latest operations in our processing plants.

We continue to work with partners in the industry by sharing best practice in ways to reduce the carbon footprint, as we realise this is a challenge that can’t be fixed unilaterally but needs everyone working to common goal.

To that end, our customers can also be aware of their Carbon footprint, allowing them to make decisions about how they shop, what they buy, consume and waste. Use WWF Calculator to calculate your impact on Mother Earth.